Welcome to Clarity Designs

Welcome to Clarity Designs

Design requires a passion for helping others uncover what they need in a space and the ingenuity to help them achieve it. Here at Clarity Designs we are creators, powerful thinkers, and planners working together to spread a little joy through the power of interior design. Our goal is to add clarity to the design process and provide inspiration that helps create an environment reflective of who you are and how you want to live.

What We Do

Clarity Designs

Clarity Designs specializes in space planning, furniture selection, materials and color selection, décor, accessories, and home staging.  We can offer these services in any combination or individually to suite your needs.  You can check us out in greater detail on our services page, or give us a call to chat about what might be the best fit for your new project.

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Clarity Designs is based out of Fresno, California and serves the Central Valley.

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